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My name is Tojleeya Shuler, life coach and founder of Leeya’s Mental Healing. I fought through and healed from years of childhood traumas, which led to pre and post partum depression. Leeya’s Mental Healing was established from healing and designing outlets for myself, which included journaling and practicing daily positive affirmations. Together as a tribe we will build your confidence, express yourself, beat the battles you face and continue to heal within.

I know, now that I was not alone, to stay level headed and afloat, along with my tribe I journey with them to continuous healing through life changes. Many people, such as myself, suffer in silence, your journey to healing can start with a simple phone call or text. Not only was my journaling and affirmations an outlet, I also learned to open and express my emotions through my business, Leeya’s Mental Healing.

As your Life Coach, I will help you with all aspects of life, at Leeya’s Mental Healing we pride ourselves on confidentiality and self development. We will build on emotional, financial, educational, romantic and all things in life. To grow and be the most successful version of yourself you have to be whole and heal from your past, so that way nothing is anchoring and weighing you down. Start your journey now!

So where do you begin?

If you choose me to be your life coach, I can help you be the best version of yourself so you can prosper in your life. You can start by scheduling a free Discovery Call with me. On this call we will discuss the best route for your journey, you can also send an email or text, with all of the details and together we will navigate your healing journey.

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